Zuccenberg – Tommy Cash & Suicideboys lyrics

Lyrics Zuccenberg – Tommy Cash ft. Diplo

Zuccenberg lyrics
KFC champion crip who stops blood a tampon
Need a roof I’m mafia (Mafia), coke in my tea, Al Capone
Razer Motorola ringing (Ring-ring), they love karaoke singing (Sing)
Hair so long like girl from Ring (Hair so long), all your o’s in onion rings (All your o’s)
I’m not taking a picture (Jing), let’s talk, no messenger
Took you on adventure, disappear like
60 euros for an underwear, 3 euros worth of dick (Worth of dick)
1 euro for a condom but that sex ain’t worth shit (Hey, shit)
Victoria Secret underwear but your pussy not that secret
You can’t hide like El Chapo, everyone knows where you keep it, keep it
If that ass is fake (Fake!), I will ride on that plastic (Boom!)
Ride my broom bitch, yeah, I will call you nasty (Boom!)

Zucc my Zuccenberg (Zucc my Zuccenberg)
Burr I’m Iceberg (Burr I’m Iceberg)
Fur is on her (Fur is on her)
Cash is the word (Cash is the word)
Zucc my Zuccenberg

Pussy, money, weed feel like Tommy Cash
Slicky slicky slick, fuck a bitches gash
Gucci bandana, Lean in my Fanta
Papa in my wrapper, free basing cracka
Born in the blizzard shooting boy and sipping sizzurp
Smoking dirty blunts, still a junkie, ew
Inhaling PCP paranoid shaking (Shaking)
Drugged up junkie leopard in the flank
Bed side sick as fuck, eyes pinned shut
Tip toeing Air Forces bitches swear I’m gorgeous
Suicidal note, god my life is worthless
Hammer time, hammer time, make the Glock lock Oops
I switch persona like a God son
Hammer time on my nose, that’s now I’m Italian
Hammer time with the man
Claud Van Damme

Put the chrome to my dome
Chroma key my chromosomes
Fuck a throne, all these clones
Think they’re kings inside their phone
All these bitches fucking moan
When I secrete my pheromones
All these bitches fucking groan
When I say, “Get it on ya own”
Never change (Nope), this I know
$uicide in my throat, say it till I fucking choke
Ooh, I don’t know
Same shit, different day
Same names, different jokes
Same shade, different post
Same bitch, different hoe
O-N-E M-O-R-E B-L-U-N-T (Spell it out)
Woe is me (Woe is me), but I got the fucking fleet behind me
30MGS that needs to be like tripled at least (At least)
His own to each (His own to each), I’ll lead them all to their own defeat
Take a seat (Sit down), ain’t no one chopping cherry trees
For a dollar you can suck my dick with wooden teeth

T-t-this dj breaking all the knobs offf

Zuccenberg – Tommy Cash & Suicideboys lyrics
Zuccenberg - Tommy Cash
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