Yukatan – Kevin Gates lyrics

Lyrics Yukatan – Kevin Gates

Yukatan lyrics
Yung Lan On The Track
I’m in the Yucatan
Take a look
This is doin’ what every bangers s’posed to do but
Them baby’s, they ’bout the violence
They say this shit got a bad taste on it

[Verse 1]
Shot the Tech’s, he gone hit on the waist
Northside, pullin’ up in the H (I’m in that)
Where you at? (I’m here)
I’m in the city, this Gates
The body shop, I need to get in your face
500 blocks in the middle
Gettin’ ridiculous, lotta this shit wasn’t straight
I dropped a load on my partner and cornered some problems
Receivin’ a lotta complaints (For real)
It do what it’s s’posed to, it jump out the chimney
Kitchen and smokers is not liking the taste (Not likin’ that)
Droppin’ the coupe with vanilla extract in the Pyrex (I got it)
And try not to run ’em away versuri-lyrics.info
Big homie in Baltimore sayin’ it’s boomin’
I’m tempted to go back and f**k with the food
Wait on my niggas to get outta prison in case that these niggas don’t play by the rules

[Verse 2]
I can remember when I was just wishin’ .. flipper gon’ stand on the block
Grabbin’ it hard out the bungalow, stains on my underclothes
Safety clothes, breakin’ the rocks
Surrounded by junkies, I keep ’em in company
Need ’em, I wake up, I give ’em a dot
Back on my .., kitchen we standin’ in

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Yukatan – Kevin Gates lyrics
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