Won’t come clean – Quavo lyrics

Lyrics Won’t come clean – Quavo

Won’t come clean lyrics
AKs and the skelly with it (AKs)
Gang gang, yessir, ‘lil buddy .. (Gang gang)
Blank change, hit the curb, cause’ he came with the ..
Good drank, hit the syrup, roll the .. to .. the .. (Syrup)
I wash my hands with soap, and it won’t come clean
(Won’t come clean)

I had to call the pastor, told ’em pray for me (Pray for me)
2010, ten, I ran up a ten (Ten)
Two thousand extended sticks, I hit me a lick (Lick)
2012 ..setting up with ‘Rel (Rel)
2014, bando was so hard (Bando)
2015, started taking off (Takeoff)
2016, yeah, had to stay clean (Woah)
2017, I upped the price of lean (Go)
2018, had the .. boujee, woah (Boujee)
2019, we had no controlll

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Won’t come clean – Quavo lyrics
Won't come clean - Quavo
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