Untrapped – Yo Gotti lyrics

Lyrics Untrapped – Yo Gotti

Untrapped lyrics
These tears I cry sure won’t be the last
It sure won’t be the last
Hey rest in peace to Nip
Had this almost done I had to go back in on this shit
So I feel emotional right now
I said it never seems to pass me by

[Verse 1]
Where’d we start off? How’d we go wrong?
Niggas risk it all to put a nigga name in a song
Niggas fighting over blocks that we don’t even own
Leave the house to get a bag and never make it back home
Bulletproof truck I’m full time rapping
I wasn’t living like this when I was still trapping
Son .. like “Daddy what happened?”
I’m like “Daddy ight but Daddy don’t know what’s gon’ happen”
Niggas rapping gangster lyrics and thinking it’s cool
Til you the suspect or victim they post on the news
So the dope that you selling the dope that you use
Y’all made popping pills cool you niggas confused
I’m a true independent you niggas should listen
.. I invested my millions
I spent millions on my artists and did it consistently
If it ain’t a real boss talking then watch how you mention me
Realest .. got a check 20 mil on that
30 in the bank .. I’m still at that
I seen a hundred bricks I had a hundred dracos with a hundred shots
But til I seen that hundred mil ain’t really did nothing nigga
I ain’t impressed by a killer versuri-lyrics.info
I’m impressed by a hustler who’s taking care of his mother and his brother
And his other significant other
Put his niggas in position to show ’em he love ’em

This pain inside

Hey you know I just moved to LA right
Crenshaw just to see it for myself

[Verse 2]
I just paid 8 mill to the IRS
I don’t agree but then again you can say I’m blessed
Late night no sleep you can say I’m stressed
Bruh called say he fighting for his life say less
Quarter mil to the lawyer straight cash no check
Never lied to my niggas I’ma stand on that
I done cried to my niggas
‘Cause real brothers really love each other and nobody threats
I just went to Jay house got hit with ..
I got a long way to go for real this shit baffling
Made a mil on the crib and he not an athlete
If I don’t make it home to my family this shit gon’ be a tragedy
I’m tryna live life and make sure they proud of me
I give no energy to critics or niggas who doubted me
I’m a black owned business owner entrepreneur
We all from the gutter from the mud from the sewer
Send a text to Meek told him move safe
Send a text to .. I’m checking on your case
Send a text to .. boy you on your way
Don’t get caught up in these streets you one hit away
I sit down with .. tell him you young but you gotta take this shit serious
Life bout more than guns hoes and a lot of jewelry
I just hope that they hearing me I love these niggas dearly
They like “Gotti you changed” yeah I call it maturity
I gotta get to the bag any label be fearing me
Five million in watches jewelry and .. jewelry
FN on me nigga I’m securing security
I’m trying to get a hundred mil fuck facing a jury

Nigga think all that lil shit you doing cool
Til it’s you versus the motherfuckin’ federal government nigga
Then what?
Then what you lil niggas gonna do?
Start telling every motherfuckin’ thing you know huh
That ain’t a real nigga that ain’t no gangsta shit
All these niggas on Instagram posting their motherfuckin’ business and shit
Draco this ..
And they gon’ be the first nigga to rat on a nigga you know what I’m saying
Whole social media shit the police nigga
When you niggas gon’ wake up nigga
Still telling on yourself
Where they do that it?
This rich gangsta shit foreverrr

Untrapped – Yo Gotti lyrics
Untrapped - Yo Gotti
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