Twx – Scarlxrd lyrics

Lyrics Twx – Scarlxrd

Twx lyrics
Dirty flow pattern to the stage
Step forth my mind is still a maze
In short, I’m amazed with my AD
Split from the start to the end, am I crazy ?
Still so amazingly sharp
Bright minds thrive in the dark
Deep sea dive with the sharks
Take a tooth to an arm carry on if you want some
Stomach on starve, I remember the dungeon
Had the lights off, couldn’t turn them on if I wanted
All star with my hope gone to the quantum
Waiting for the better days to blossom

If I wanted this shit often, I could get it how I promised myself
Really I was made in hell
Scar shouldn’t change himself
Lose my fame, oh well
Couldn’t give a fuck, can’t you tell
Couldn’t give a fuck, can’t you tell
Had to redeploy into the warzone
Had to live my life until it’s all gone
Yeah what’s up ?
You don’t dare to touch or speak up
Get your neck cut deep, have you chocking yourself for fun ?
Bitch what ?
My attitude is a product of trust or what’s been misplaced of the useless scum
Yeah run
Bar to bar you’re not standing a chance
Rip off the roof, throw my fist in your head
God to the youths that’s lacking a plan
What’s that ? I don’t have one
Jacked one
Got two, that’s not you with a passion
Have some respect, get recked on the set pulling fast ones
Spiting on the track I feel free
Might just charge myself for the tracks that I breath
It’s easy being me
Breeze on the beat

Too steezey
Enemies won’t get a seat
Go greezy
Imma keep dreams on my feet
Believe me
You gon see beams when I peak
I’m past a quarter century and realised I might just change
Only nigga acting his age
Freestyles make me sound crazy
Told ’em all wait
Give me a minute, I’ll break
Own my pattern, don’t trade
Oh my talents make praise
Oh don’t rattle my cage
Oh don’t telle me I’m sane
Oh don’t telle me I’m sane
Get out my way
Don’t try challenge my base
I changed fashion okay, I’m off this
You know that I’m off thisss

Twx – Scarlxrd lyrics
Twx - Scarlxrd
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