Two tens – Cordae lyrics

Lyrics Two tens – Cordae

Two tens lyrics
Two friends, and they both tens, lookin’ nice
Too bend, I should call it quits, but I’m not
New chances, we all dancin’ tonight
Tell me, what’s the odds we can all get a bite?
Okay, the last time we tried that, it didn’t end well
Plus you never know the story that they friends tell

And off the brown liquor, nigga feel like Denzel
Out in Washington, in the D.C. with a chocolate bitch
Lil’ freak bitch get geeked off erotic shit
So what you do?
Shot the club up like Stojakovic
Man, that’s the other shit
Payin’ child support through the government
Joint custody weekends, you can’t touch the kid
Man, love this bitchhh

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Two tens – Cordae lyrics
Two tens - Cordae
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