Twin – Lil Feel lyrics

Lyrics Twin – Lil Feel

Twin lyrics
Walk in the trap with a bag
Spank that till it bruised
Pussy wet like some watercress
Bad bitch i gon beat the pussy till it sore
Percocet i got adderal and xans
Run up on me i gon squirt on yo man
Pour up fo’s i ain’t sippin no att
Catch an opp lacking you know i gon spray
Beretta with a long clip uh
Fuck off my block before you get mopped
Throwing deze hands yuh get nigga get clocked
Louis vuitton bag came with a strap
Run up on me on my mom you get clapped
I got the ice in my cup
Pour up 40 oz i be flying
Piped the fuck up i got lacoste on my shirt
Ride in the beamer that shit go fast

Im in a trap with my niggas
Run up on me rob you for figures
Popping the xanax boy i won’t forgot ya
Popping the xanax yuh i won’t forgot ya
Popping the xanax i won’t forgot ya

(Verse 2)
Sippin the liquor
Fucking yo mama and that bitch got ass
What is you doin
What is you doin
Boy i gon kill you
At my school i got the sauce drippin ouu
I got a bad bitch not no average yeahhh

Told you so lyrics

Twin – Lil Feel lyrics
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