Turpentine – Boldy James lyrics

Lyrics Turpentine – Boldy James

Turpentine lyrics
This that bricktionary slingo, I mix and mingle with my gringo
Was just me and my dog, his name was Bingo
B-I-N-G-O, three five extendo roll
Fancy footwork, was tappin’ on it with my tippy-toes
Really she a ballerina, boy met world after Topanga
Told me she love dirty dancing, we did the Macarena
Whipped her back in shape so quick, you would’ve thought she
had a trainer

All I needed was a Pyrex pot, a beaker, and a strainer
Look both ways before you think of crossin’ me, it’s dangerous
Jermaine, Jerome, and Nichols, my defence attorney on retainer
Why they searchin’ far and wide, lookin’ for the perpetrator?
He was just workin’ my line, now today, we perfect strangers
First come, first serve, first in line, servin’ birds of the
Cleaner than some turpentine, off of North and 39
Way before the kid was signed, I had the best hand
Had the royal flush, four of a kind, what elseee?

Turpentine – Boldy James lyrics
Turpentine - Boldy James
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