Tuh tuh – Tory Lanez lyrics

Lyrics Tuh tuh – Tory Lanez

Tuh tuh lyrics
She got jelly now she on Twitter actin’ petty
Sent my other bitch a whip and got wetty
My diamonds bustin’ out the wrist in baguette
I hit his bitch and he couldn’t accept it
Bitch, I got all type of sticks, I got invested
Hold out the gateway versuri-lyrics.info
All my niggas in jail, I got you through the j-pay
Rockefeller guap, Sky-Dweller watch

But we all started at the DayDay
Hit the dealer, come back with another cop
Hit the jeweler, come back with another watch
Hit that bitch from the back and I let her watch
El Dorado, the cap with the yellow top
I done shopped ’til I dropped in Givenchy
Been on top since I jumped in a Bentley
When that day come around and I bust up the case
Don’t you niggas come back actin’ friendly
After this, I don’t fuck with you rappin’ niggas
Bitch, I’m good in the trap with the savages
Plus I’mmm

Tuh tuh – Tory Lanez lyrics
Tuh tuh - Tory Lanez
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