Treat me right – DDG ft. OG Parker lyrics

Lyrics Treat me right – DDG

Treat me right lyrics
I just feel like what’s the point?
Is it me talking or is it the joint?
Put my trust in you, so don’t disappoint
Fly to LAX we’re straight to Detroit, yeah
Too many bitches wanna fuck me
If I ever show you feelings bitch you lucky
I’ma beat that pussy up until you love me
But if you ever do me wrong its gon get ugly
Is you here for me or no? (Or no)
Cause if you not I got some hoes on go
Will we ever work, I don’t know
Cause I feel like

I should have a bitch by my side that’s gon treat me right
I can never tell a fuckin’ lie when I’m in this mic
Cause you want fights, and I’m not Ike
So I just might end my night
You on some other shit
If I say I’m only fuckin’ you then fuck the other bitch

[Verse 2]
That was a one time thing
I know that you don’t wanna believe me though
You say you done but you still see me though
I know you mad but do not leave me bro, yeah
We so toxic
Baby we should stop this
Pussy so good that I let it run my pockets
When we all alone, I’ma beat it out the socket
Move around yo thong I’ma show you how this cock hit
That shit turn me on, I be lovin’ how you pop it
I don’t trust your friends though
They be on some opp shit
I read the messages right before you locked it
I seen that, couldn’t believe that
But I expected this because I need that
I need to see that
It’s another nigga that can make you happy
You be fuckin’ with the niggas that’ll dap me
And I gotta play it cool because I’m rapping
I’m just tryna make it to the big leagues
Sell out some arenas, I’m on six speeddd

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Treat me right – DDG ft. OG Parker lyrics
Treat me right - DDG
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