Thotiana – Soulja Boy lyrics – Tyga diss

Lyrics Thotiana – Soulja Boy

Thotiana lyrics
First off, who is Tyga?
Big Drako, everybody know I’m on fire
Say you had the biggest comeback, you a liar
Yeah, bad bitch, thick thighs like Maliah
Ridin’ in that foreign on fire
Yeah, leave a nigga jaw broke through the wire, ayy
Drake? I’m ridin’ ’round town gettin’ hella cake
2019 Daytona 392
Nigga been gettin’ money, money out the coupe
Yeah, took over the whole rap game
Nigga disrespect, then you know we snatch chains
Yeah, you know I made Famous Dex
Yeah, you know I been had the check
I jump out the coupe, then I flex
Put 500 thousand on a bust down neck, yeah
Ayy, who can flex like me?
Who can flex like this? Who’s gon’ flex through the city?
Ridin’ ’round town with the Drako on me
Make the wrong move, I’m gon’ make it like macaroni
Yeah, make that choppa clap magnolia
Big Drako, call me Big Soulja
Yeah, took over the rap game
Disrespect gang, then you know we snatch chains
Bust down, Thotiana
I wanna see you bust down

Ridin’ in the foreign with the top down
Make the wrong move, .30 leave a nigga knocked down
Hold on, I had to bring the guap out
Hold on, big chain, big rings
Every time that Young Drako pop out, stop playin’
What the fuck a nigga sayin’?
I’m gettin’ money, nigga, bullets they’ll start sprayin’
Yeah, gold hair, I go Super Saiyan
150 thousand K, that’s in Japan
Yeah, don’t play with me
I been gettin’ money, I’ll leave a nigga history
Gang leave a nigga six feet deep, ayy
I’ll leave a nigga dead on the concrete, gang
Niggas don’t want drama
Word around town I fucked his baby mama
Yeah, kaboom, boom, with your son in the other room

Smoke dope, smoke dope, got big gas
Pull up, drop top, that’s paper tag
Yeah, he got drugged out the club by the security
I know he big mad
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Thotiana – Soulja Boy lyrics – Tyga diss
Thotiana - Soulja Boy
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