This world – Bun B lyrics

Lyrics This world – Bun B

This world lyrics
I’ve seen joy and pain in this wooorld (This wooorld)
I’m just tryin’ to remain in this wooorld (This wooorld)
I even pray to God for change in this wooorld
I’ve seen some troubled times in this wooorld
‘Cause my Black life matters in this wooorld (This wooorld, this wooorld, this wooorld)
‘Til we’re equal in this wooorld
Power to the people in this wooorld (This wooorld, this wooorld)

[Verse 1: Bun B]
Man, it’s 2020, who would have thought
That the fight for basic civil rights
was still left to be fought
Even after we lost Huey, Hampton, Martin and Malcolm
To racist elite power structures whiter than talcum
See, they’ve been treatin’ my people like they ain’t equal
Since the slave ships and now we livin’ in a sequel
Talkin’ ’bout ’em lynchin’ us, burnin’ us and killin’ us
For 400 years, and man, they still ain’t feelin’ usss!

This world – Bun B lyrics
This world - Bun B
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