The soul – Reason lyrics pt. 2

Lyrics The soul – Reason

The soul lyrics pt2
In world full of talented talent there’s still beginners
We work to stand out it panned out we became them niggas
Team of Avengers ironic showed up with vision
Hard work and persistence look “Reason” that definition
I came for it shit was in mind mentally inkin’ my name on it
Put the pride to the side niggas had vision and stayed on it
Fuck if the fame on it this love nigga
Made it out without havin’ to be a thug nigga
Smellin’ nicotine codeine killers and drug dealers
Came accustom to it mix that with direction
We created struggle music so when Murphy’s Law kick in
Get grittin’ we hustle through it this real nigga the feel different
Never told a pair of lies crazy I don’t feel niggas
Back next to the wall transform and I Bradley Beal niggas (Nigga)
Shoot through it like Duke Nukem with mills
Pictures painted of forgotten times
Sittin’ on some bars let ’em starve
Now they’re writin’ lines I been sick with it
Script flippin’ more than promiscuous thick women
So please don’t compare me to niggas this shit different
REASON rather be mentioned with ‘Pac and the big niggas
Rest in peace nigga no frontin’ do it for the soul of it
Niggas used to tell me I was aimin’ too high
Shad Moss niggas only claimin’ they fly
This is Bruce Wayne spirit starin’ Bane in his eyes
Carson up on the rise nigga this ain’t a surprise

I think you niggas had me fucked up for waitin’ so long
In turn we need it now when the patience is on
I feel like Scott Summers when the lasers is on
I see everything red and everything dead and everything scared
I sat and spoke to Dot and I listened to everything said
I mean everything
So much that when it’s not said I hear it
Like when the nigga laughed I heard him mock a nigga spirit
Like “You’ll never get there” well now
Look I’m on Top and I’m near it (So near it so close so close)
In other words I tricked myself to stay famished
But be humble and take balance repetitive I need challenge
I need you new niggas to please do somethin’ to excite a nigga
Get in their brain or just say somethin’ to spite a nigga
Shit ’cause I been gettin’ bored (Bored)
Just chillin’ throwin’ darts at the wall
Dreamin’ of the GOATs and how my name not involved
I’m havin’ issues with that what issues?
I’m havin’ issues ’cause I ain’t finished
I’m havin’ issues ’cause I’m still repentin’
I’m havin’ issues ’cause I’m still a nigga
I’m havin’ issues ’cause Musa King keep preachin’
You can’t move around solo no more you gettin’ bigger
Yeah I been gettin’ bigger
So much bigger that my ego see my body
And it’s strugglin’ to fit up in it
Top screamin’ “Patience my nigga”
But this industry keep playin’ with a nigga I see y’all playin’
See jokes about South Africa REASON now it seem real
See jokes about how I’m not really with Top and I’m with Dreamville
Niggas pronounce my name wrong tell me that I ain’t did much
See y’all mistake my name for Logic’s y’all got me fucked up
How you compare a nigga that take from the culture
Versus a nigga that’s for it? This shit gettin’ borin’
My limits are soarin’ the industry snorin’
Leave my city? Nah nigga I’m here to restore it
I’m here to explore it I’m Nip to the core
I’m not finna forfeit I’m not shh
I’m not gon’ have my block lookin’ foreign
You see my name nigga you’re not gonna ignore it
You’re not gonna ignore it
My pockets is hurtin’ I’m constantly workin’
My mom in the hood but she don’t deserve it
I do this for the soul of it
And scared of layin’ in dirt nigga we rose from it
The game is mine it’s not yours like nose runnin’
Swag drippin’ like water
It’s ironic how these hoes run into a nigga
This ain’t a game this a scrimmage and I kill it time after time
This shit feelin’ reminiscin’ line after line
This shit feelin’ like petition still homies dyin’
This shit feelin’ like a sickness
Ain’t like none of these other niggas I’m different
Say somethin’ ’bout the cappin’ nigga I’m trippin’
REASON the new soldier in front tryna leave his brand broken
It ain’t gon’ end how you want soulll

The soul

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The soul – Reason lyrics pt. 2
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