The runner – Foals lyrics

Lyrics The runner – Foals

The runner lyrics
Shadow see how far I go
(Step by step I ll keep it up I won t slow I got to go)
Through the embers through the rows
(Every shadow step I take I ll make sure that I won t break)
Show em all just what I know
(While the years they come & go
I ll make sure I won t get slow)
Cause they all just come & go
If I fall down fall down
Then I know to keep on running
& if it hurts don t let it show
While the seasons come & go
Shadow chiaroscuro
When I fall down fall down
Loneliness of the long distance runner
Shadows come closer but I ll go further
When I fall down when I fall down
Then I know to keep on runninggg

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The runner – Foals lyrics
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