The run – Fmb Dz lyrics

Lyrics Fmb Dz – The Run

F*ck a bitch I’m the catch
Breadwinner with a check
Put some diamonds on my neck
Bitch I earned a right to flex
Young nigga with a gold
Imma get rich before Im old
Hit a nigga with that pole
Disconnecting nigga soul
Pull up in that sleeve
20 thou all sleeves
I ain’t neva had shit
Imma be rich before I leave
Fuck the bitch and make her leave
To the hoe don’t leave her keys
Bitch Im sure to open cease
.. please
Pull up on you what you need
I like cookie with no season
Ain’t no niggas like my niggas
You know we a different breed
On the road to success
Doing the dash fuck the speed
.. cost me 3
Gucci shirt smell like creed
I’m who niggas wanna be
So I keep a gun on me
Nigga died in front of me
This killing shit is fun to me
This his worth to honor me
I got killas under me
When I touch my first million
Thats when Imma fix my teeth
Thick bitch on Myrtle Beach
Ass jigging like a peach
Buffs on I can’t see
Remember nights I couldn’t eat
Turned into I couldn’t sleep
Laying on blowed bed.(the run)

I can’t even think ahead
Charlie horses in my leg
Now its californinan kings
When hoes give me head
Before I go broke again
I rather be dead
The road still opened for these boys
They just scared
Take the good with ..
{?] come unprepaired
If I touch a mil today with my niggas Imma share
This shit come from my heart
Don’t give a fuck if you playing
I remember on the hound coming down with the load
Now nigga get paid to talk shit and doing shows
Every stack cost money from the drugs to the clothes
Valentino on my toes walking round with Gucci rose
Take bitches to..
Taking trip to Mexico
I got niggas thats on go
Get out yo feelings about that hoe
Im the same nigga still pull up on the ‘Sex
A nigga disrespect slide down and get him wet
Get yo ass shot
Ion fight This ain’t that
A nigga talking down
See me out and give me dap
You a pussy thats a fact
Whats a rookie to a vet
Blowin cookie in the Vet
Hoes looking breaking necks
I got now fuck who next
Im on Vandyke with Jett
Pulling tricks out my hat
Put up a hole in yo hat, huhhh.(the run)
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The run – Fmb Dz lyrics
the run - the run

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