The Purge – Dope Lxrd lyrics

Lyrics The Purge – Dope Lxrd

The purge lyrics
Dope on the track got nothing but the purest of coke in my rack
I’m a purist at heart got the purest of shards and I’m moving it fast
Cos these kids in the bool keep using the glass
Till they dropping dead till they got nothing left but being off their head
There’s nobody I’ve met that can stop me yet
Let’s go eye for eye im like doctor death
Cos I keep dropping feds no coppers left
You had a half hatched plan but you dropped your eggs
So I’ll half back down and then stomp your neck
Imma romp the best
Then blow up in your town like a bomber vest
Lets turn it up a notch switch on to beast mode
Burning up beats just to heat the weed smoke
You trip when you step on the beats or streets bro
I stay with the ball till its at the free throw
I ascend through the ranks grab pens at the bank
Write cheque’s for the best and the techs are gon bang
I been texting in code run up the racks till my neck is on froze
And the best are gon blow they been testing the dope
But the flow is so cold you get left in the snow with your neck in a rope
And Im back rack gacked cone packed better know
And Im back rack gacked cone packed better knowwwwwww!
Props to the wombat I verbally combat
I herbally mix and wake up with a bong packed
I’m serving these pips while I’m swerving the pigs
I’m a god to a bitch and I’m certain of this
Like fuck!
Nobody mess with the lord of dope
Nobody test where my borders go
I got a flow so cold that the sauna froze
I’m high alright watch me slice and dice
I go hype on a mic like the ice in pipes
I make dikes swipe right wanna ride tonight
I pull knives on the knights so the lives are mine
Let’s slow it down
I was breaking off bags from the smoke in pounds
But that’s over now
Yet I stay with a lit spliff and a thick bitch till the day that they call that the Dope is down
Till the day that I fall Imma straight break balls
Imma ride with the fam and evade fake whores
It’s a make up war so you cake up more
Like you break up friends but I break cunts jaws
Like smack cracked who you fucking with
You talk to the jacks then you move and duck a hit
I couldn’t give a shit about who the fuck it is
You talk to the pigs then we lose another snitch
Keep talking the shit smiles wipe off when Im walking it in
Im raucous as shit you done lost your mind if you fall for a bitch
Make em call for the dick what I staunched from the kid put it all on my wrists
Take it all to the face I done won the amazing race of cocaine
I done dodged me the jacks they stay with no names
I done copped me the packs I burn like propane
The crucified rose bars that I rhyme with suicide flows
And a voice in my mind says do or die bro but who am I though
Im just a cunt with a weapon only you and I know

Expecting my death before the age 30
Protecting my neck just to evade hurting
Except for the best I wreck I stay swerving
And the only thing I know success just ain’t certain
Got a gift as a youth with a skill for the booth
Spitting fire sixteens in between of my beugs
Im a fiend for the views ketamine and the lube
Clapped back shab rats whole teams in a noose
Fucked up they start to cut up
Heads crack down on the side of gutters
Screaming imma cut her with a silent muster
Takes a blake to her face with a violent thrust bruh
He done lost his mind on amphetamines
And Im losing the grip on the better me
Cos I know that this pills not ecstasy
But Ill munch on the shit till its wrecking me
And the day that I drop is the day I stop
Dropping heat on a beat on my way to the top
Getting paid for the rocks carry blades in my jocks
Cos the gronks wanna mess with the way that I rock
Dope LXRD killed this shit it go viral
The way that I spit got rappers suicidal
They dont talk shit theyre dying for white lines bro
Theyre pipped out dogs dont try defying what I know
Im a beast on the mic
Wreak on em like they believe that they dying
Im a demon tonight creeping through night
Gon relieve ya from life no competing with I
Im a psycho your a wack cunt
You only ever pack cones of the chat bud
Coming off M and Im cooked as hell
I been blazing for days with the snoot as well
Nah nah nah no regrets
We’ll get stoned off our heads on the dope again
On the glass no pips just dope and friends
We’ll get hopeless till end of the smoke again
Qs of the speed halfs of the MD burn through gear like im peddling a 10 speed
Stocks looking empty from meddling with MD
Adrenaline vents me from benders in Bentleys
10 at the entry peak on the bars no one can ascend me
Just wait till the end ghee I blow on a beat like Bin Laden in Fendi
Im passing my enemies
Last man standing in a war of words
The opps went camping when they saw my verse
Dont trust your gear then Ill snort it first
Im a human test kit so lets pour a third
There ain’t no rest for the wicked
Ain’t no text better hit me on wickr
If your chasing the drugs that came straight from a wizard
They keep faking the cuts but I made a decision
I dont fuck with the cunts who are faking the victimmm

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The Purge – Dope Lxrd lyrics
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