Teriyaki – Nate Husser lyrics

Lyrics Teriyaki – Nate Husser

Teriyaki lyrics
Just like that, I’m straight like that
I make my bed, I lay, I’m blessed
I fuck shit up, I make it right back, yeah, yeah
I’m on a mission and they can’t stop me
Saucin’ on them, teriyaki, why my wrist look so rocky
Started from a Nike box, it was all, in my psyche
Fuck with my fung shue or my reike, oh!
She said she don’t like me, uh, that’s just unlikely
Mtl to Cali, Mtl-Cali, I’m flying driving, I did it
Don’t worry about how I get it, just know I got it
And better recognize what it mean to see me flossing that I’m a boss
Brand new Benz, panoramic, ice watch, I’m feeling awesome
Rose from the concretes on the block where I blossom
Never did the costume, pretending shit but everyday was Halloween
Even with no pot to pee in, had a lotta green
Streets trust me like banks trust white men
I might just get rich and still trap, I’m just sayin’
Just to keep it FTP, I’m not playin’
We got plans to make bands, let’s shake hands
Connect dates, make ends meet, and expand
And worry about your own, no study, no next man
I had to cut the shorty, who was stuck on a ex man
I’m a super, so suck on my D
See you later, peace, take it easy, c’est la vie, I’m living free
Dying hard, make it look easy while trying hard
And I’m just a human being with a lion heart
But I don’t fuck with boo if she don’t treat me like I’m God
Cause anything less than that is really falling short
You falling off baby and I ain’t waiting, I ain’t waiting, I ain’t playing with you
Said I ain’t waiting, I ain’t waiting, I ain’t playing with you
Said I ain’t waiting, I ain’t waiting, I ain’t playing with you
You fuck around and I ain’t staying with you, bitch I’m gone

[Verse 2: Mick Jenkins]
20/20 vision, know I got the eagle eye, know my toes is pigeon
Prone to repetition but of my own volition, I be speaking on my growth
This maturation ain’t just egotistic-ism
Or some infatuation with creating ecosystem for some pseudo-wisdom
Niggas you know do that, niggas don’t know nothing be like: “True that”
I just shake my head, that shit break my heart, my momma told me break a leg
I grind too hard, I break my pegs, I buy some mo, I break them too
I grind some more and face a joint, the same way that I face the truth
Keeping my own pace with shit, feel I had Lasik shit
Even if I went blind the way that this shit on my tongue
You see the shit soon as I say some shit, I could barely taste the shit
Put it on your gums and tell me that we ain’t free basing
Bury me with kings or I want cremation, please don’t fake the shit
We not really talking about the art, niggas heard it once, you talk about wasting shit
Niggas ain’t got aim, you talk about waisting clips
Burdens on my shoulders, ain’t no space for chipsss

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Teriyaki – Nate Husser lyrics
Teriyaki - Nate Husser
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