Tell me freestyle – Freddie Gibbs lyrics

Lyrics Tell me freestyle – Freddie Gibbs

Tell me freestyle lyrics
Punch brass knuckles like I’m Van-Damme
Black boy twirlin’ white girls this ain’t The Last Dance
Motherfuck the ‘Gram I had a bag before the hashtag
Bitch about to get her booty done she livin’ half-ass
I started juggin’ off a half-slab
Watchin’ .. .. .. and .. servin’ out the cab
I’m a dog about it once I’m in it can’t get out my bag
I can’t keep a bitch ’cause they keep bringin’ shit up out the past
Yeah Glock four fuckin’ see me now

Bet they feel me ’til they kill me now
I got shooters every city now

Keep my bitches

Yeah-yeah had a bag full of hashtags

Signed my publishing copped the nine reached for my advanceee

Tell me freestyle

Tell me freestyle – Freddie Gibbs lyrics
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