Take it – RudeBoy lyrics

Lyrics Take it – RudeBoy

Take it lyrics
If you want my money (take it)
I don’t make you my one and only
If I give you my heart don’t break it
I could do anything you want me to do

Taaake it down – Paradison Fontaine lyrics

Lyrics Take it down – Paradison Fontaine Take it down lyrics I said I’m moving like a soldier move My bitch
Taaake it – Defeo lyrics

Lyrics Take it – Defeo Take it lyrics Lately I’ve been contemplating Every decision I’ve ever made I know
Taaake it easy – Octavian lyrics

Lyrics Take it easy – Octavian Take it eaaasy lyrics Flow like six card (Gang check gang check) I was broke
Taaake it – Lil C feat. TC IConner lyrics

Lyrics Take it – Lil C Take it lyrics You’re on the right track if you pay your dues Every day same thing
Can t taaake it from me – Major Lazer lyrics

Lyrics Can t take it from me – Major Lazer Can t take it from me lyrics If someone made you
Take it – RudeBoy lyrics
Take it - RudeBoy
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