yung gravy

Cadbury creme – Yung Gravy lyrics

Lyrics Cadbury creme – Yung Gravy Cadbury creme lyrics I’ve been thinkin’ You been wastin’ my time All all my time (Baby Gravy) All all my time [Pre-Chorus: Yung Gravy] Flex baby It’s the season Neck from ya ex Every single evenin’ Bitch I’m freezin’ for no fuckin’ reason I gave y’all the sauce and […]

Justin Bieber wrist – Yung Gravy lyrics

Lyrics Justin Bieber wrist – Yung Gravy Justin Bieber wrist lyrics Ayy man the the fuck you mean You ain’t heard of no fuckin’ Lentra the God Jason Rich on the beat bitch [Chorus: bbno$ & Yung Gravy] And your girl’s on my woody like a beaver Think it’s a holiday told her I’m on […]

Myrtle beach summer 1974 – Yung Gravy lyrics

Lyrics Myrtle beach summer – Yung Gravy Myrtle beach summer 1974 lyrics Yo what the fuck is up YouTube this your boy Y2K Just recently hit ten thousand followers on Instagram I’m very proud to present to you Baby Gravy Two Too Gravy too Baby coming soon [Chorus: Yung Gravy bbno$ & Both] Pull up […]

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