yung gravy

Miami ice – Yung Gravy lyrics

Lyrics Miami ice – Yung Gravy Miami ice lyrics Getting bitches on the daily Bad juicy drips on the EP Keep winning gooo.. Fisher price – Playboi Carti lyrics Lyrics Fisher price – Playboi Carti Fisher price lyrics I got bitches tunnel vision Fuck them bitches I Think too much – Juice Wrld lyrics Lyrics […]

Gasoline – Yung Gravy lyrics

Lyrics Gasoline – Yung Gravy Gasoline lyrics Smoke DJ Yung Vamp out in Belgium fresh ass motherfucker Smoke We out here on tour baby ?bbno$ just got back from wiener schnitzel (Wiener schnitzel) ‘Bout to stack this cheddar ayy [Verse 1: bbno$ & Yung Gravy] Sippin’ coffee black no creamer rather keep the stack Whippin’ […]

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