Million dollar deal – Yelawolf lyrics

Lyrics Million dollar deal – Yelawolf feat. Caskey Million dollar deal lyrics I just shook a million dollar deal and I never left the crib I ain’t into flexin’ bread, I’m just sayin’ shit is real Got accountants on the line, man, I don’t even see the bills Creek Water comin’ up, all I did […]

Just the intro – Yelawolf lyrics feat. Caskey

Lyrics Just the intro – Yelawolf feat. Caskey Just the intro lyrics Bitch, it’s in that dump, bitch, it’s in that dump Piled up, gotta keep that bandana tied up Whip a dirty lambo out that parkin’ lot Graffiti on the seat because she bleeding, I don’t give a fuck, I’m greedy I don’t give […]

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