ybn nahmir

Butterfly doors – YBN Nahmir lyrics

Lyrics Butterfly doors – YBN Nahmir Butterfly doors lyrics I seen them hate when I was down They never thought that I would blow up and get them racks On Gas [Verse] Wake up get my dick sucked Then I pull off in that Bentley truck Butterfly Doors it’s suicide I get in my bag […]

2 seater – YBN Nahmir lyrics

Lyrics 2 seater – YBN Nahmir 2 seater lyrics Two-seater run with your bitch Butterfly doors on the Benz (Speeding) Runnin’ through bands I’m rich (I’m rich) Everything president tints I’m on Ocean with a bad ho Top down she got flew’d out On the back seat with the extendo Smokin’ indoor with my jewels […]

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