Discrete – Xonia lyrics

Lyrics Discrete – Xonia Discrete versuri When I see how you look at me, Ohh yeah, you want me back So strong your love makes me don’t know how to react No, I can’t stop it, I know it’s wrong Cause you got someone that you’re going home to Xonia lyrics Video Xonia Insecure lyrics Dimineti […]

Jiggling – Xonia feat. Sonny Flame lyrics

Lyrics Xonia – Jiggling You can runaway, but you really wanna stay. Forget about the rules, let’s disobey the game. I said hey.. you don’t wanna play this game. You don’t wanna really know my name. Cause then you wanna shift the blame.(jiggling) I don’t know who you are. Or what you’re looking for. Versuri-lyrics.info […]

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