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Adrenaline – X Ambassadors lyrics

Lyrics Adrenaline – X Ambassadors Adrenaline lyrics Feel it comin’ in Yeah, it’s comin’ in fast, comin’ in hot like a meteor Burnin’ me up like a dinosaur Walls are closin’ in I need a kick in the teeth, somethin’ to give me a reason for Somethin’ that’s worth dying for I think I’m goin’ […]

Okay – X Ambassadors lyrics

Lyrics Okay – X Ambassadors Okay lyrics I know I kissed you oh Made you cry made you soft But I can’t lie we’re both grown-ups now I know it’s not fair But sometimes these nightmares come to life My darling I’m so sorry [Pre-Chorus] I wish that I could say I know it’s gonna […]

Optimistic – X Ambassadors lyrics

Lyrics Optimistic – X Ambassadors Optimistic lyrics I feel like clawin’ out my eyes I feel like crawlin’ out my skin Never again never again Say never again never again I feel like runnin’ down my street I feel so broken inside Say never again never again But you say it again say it again Gunshots and online forums […]

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