worth it lyrics

Worth it – Kodaline lyrics

Lyrics Worth it – Kodaline The stars in the pavement Washed up and jaded There is blood on the streets of gold Beautiful waitress just go and make it So far away from home. (Kodaline – Worth it) Are you strong enough? Oh, are you wise enough? Are you giving up? Will you dissapear? Versuri-lyrics.info When […]

Worth it – Tinashe ft. Iamsu

Lyrics Tinashe ft. Iamsu – Worth it Ordinary Monday Lunch with Alicia That’s when I seen ya Posting up plugging your parking meter My black Beamer Really hoping you’re a rapper or a singer I ain’t wanna talk, but he’s in the street, dudes only want one thing, yeah Said: You ain’t gon’ believe I’ve been […]

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