westside gunn

The hurt business – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics The hurt business – Westside Gunn The hurt business lyrics Ayo I’m on the .. talkin’ Flair his face all bloody Rope hangin’ off got hit with a chair Wore .. to the dance floor Greg Valentine lower tops Blow his brains out right off the handlebars Doggypiled the riches tremendous Push a three […]

98 sabers – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics 98 sabers – Westside Gunn 98 sabers lyrics Ayo you lookin’ at my jewels don’t even risk it (Don’t even risk it ah) My mechanic be sniffin’ with the wrenches (With the wrenches sniff) In the mess hall I got to listen (I got to listen) First day home I got to whippin’ (I […]

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