westside gunn

Tv boy – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics Tv boy – Westside Gunn Tv boy lyrics we whip-whop dishes, four-fifth in the Enfantes Riches Fifty-K for the Dolce and Gabana, refrigerator in the kitchen Hand me the ice, Lord, sellin’ dope part of my religion Back to back Maybach trucks two-tone Wet his baby mama house up I don’t give a fuck […]

Julia Lang – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics Julia Lang – Westside Gunn Julia Lang lyrics Ayo, my Yeezys lookin’ like moon boots (My Yeezys lookin’ like moon boots) My man killed my other man, it’s a lose-lose (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom) The stick swingin’, dumpin’ out the moon roof (Stick swingin’, hangin’ out the moon roof) Do ’em dirty […]

Mission accomplished – Westside Gunn lyrics

Lyrics Mission accomplished – Westside Gunn Mission accomplished lyrics I just heard Supreme done sold it’s soul Got the hammers on the road trunk lookin’ like loads Rockin’ forty belows these niggas is hoes Miraculous flows grip the MAC when I pose Click-clack with the fours mismatch with the poles Tre pound with the nine […]

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