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Ghost makes the soundtrack of Death Stranding

Ghost makes the soundtrack of Death Stranding The so much waited video game Death Stranding is set to be released on November 8th. Meanwhile a lot of great, big songs made it on it’s soundtrack. One of them is Ghost by the songwriter/singer Au/Ra and producer Alan Walker. It seems that the two of them […]

Video game – Teejayx6 lyrics

Lyrics Video game – Teejayx6 Video game lyrics Stuffed 30 racks and my Draco in the briefcase (Thirty K) She don t wanna fuck around with you cause you a cheapskate You ain t even know that she be cheatin on the weekday With me on the weekend need to let that sink in Draco AR MAC-10 […]

Video game – MattyBRaps lyrics

Lyrics MattyBraps – Video game Ok, life is what we play We just level up like a video game Like a, like a video game Jumping over everything in our way, ok. She said she’d never date a rapper Hold up, hold up – woah You sound like Pinocchio You are welcome in my castle […]

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