Rescue me – Seven Lions feat. Unlike ***** lyrics

Lyrics SEVEN Lions – Rescue me Running ’round in circles, don’t need know which way to go Caught up in the motion with feelings I-I can’t control.(rescue me) Tried to contain all this overflow Watch me spill over and float A million pieces, a million pieces. Know I can’t be trusted to wear it on […]

Trouble – R3hab featuring Verite lyrics

Lyrics R3hab – Trouble I know you love her, love her But deep down under the covers, covers Does she know that I am the other, other Does she.(trouble) Well it’s not like I planned this, planned this But you were so fucking romantic, romantic Why you always like it so fancy, fancy This ain’t […]

Bad habits – Monsieur Adi feat. Verite lyrics

Lyrics Monsieur Adi – Bad habits I feel static in my veins. Every second of some motion. Every time you walk away. Like if I close my eyes with change. From two strangers in a building. Ohhh some ghosts that only fade away.(bad habits) Smoke can clear a crowded room. See I dont want you. […]

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