Vacation lyrics

Vacation – Tyga lyrics

Lyrics Vacation – Tyga Vacation lyrics Bitch why you keep on calling me? Blowing my phone it’s on vibration I’ve been going so hard party like a rockstar I need a vacation Sitting at the top niggas wanna take shots They just want my situation (Woo) I need a vacation niggas wanna test my patience […]

Vacation – Lana del Rey lyrics

Lyrics Vacation – Lana del Rey Vacation lyrics Sex coffee money and dresses Sex coffee money and dresses Vacatiooon vacatiooon Vacatiooon vacatiooon 929 – Halsey lyrics Lyrics 929 – Halsey 929 lyrics I really was born at 9:29 AM on 9/29 You think I’m lying but I’m I’m being Godzilla – Eminem lyrics Lyrics Godzilla […]

Vacation – Joey Badass feat. Flatbush Zombies lyrics

Lyrics Flatbush Zombies –¬†Vacation – Joey Badass I don’t sweat her texts my life is a test Takes a little effort makes a lot of stress Supposed to be this way who could lead the way? Them shades a couple K’s (K’s) we don’t see the same Do I need a name? Do we flee […]

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