V12 – iann dior lyrics

Lyrics V12 – iann dior V12 lyrics I’m in first, never last, never in reverse It’s a Thursday when l be drippin’ down in Ricky O’ like Uzi Vert shit The money stretching longer to the door It’s a Coldplay, when you get left right there I said I’m gone She said I’m reckless Diamonds […]

V12 – Nimo songtexte

SOngtexte V12 – Nimo V12 songtexte Maserati (V12) Auf der Party (bis morgens um sechs) Shake Body (shake shake shake shake) Shake shake Baby shake shake [Hook: Nimo Krime] Maserati (V12) Auf der Party (bis morgens um sechs) Shake Body (shake shake shake shake rrt) Shake shake Baby shake shake (ekho) [Part 1: Krime] Logo-Dreizack oder der Maybach (ja) […]

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