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Hummingbird – Unlike ***** lyrics

Lyrics Hummingbird – Unlike ***** Hummingbird lyrics Remember all the memories Follow like a ghost Were you here in the first place Or have I been alone? The room is dark and empty The air is dry and cold Did you leave with the sun So I’m all alone? [Pre-Chorus] .. No serenade No comfort […]

Lavender – Unlike ***** lyrics

Lyrics Lavender – Unlike ***** Lavender lyrics Where to begin? I’ll play along if you pretend I’m in the wind In a season that never ends [Chorus] A traveller Drift in and out just like the air Spectacular It’s in the air like lavendeeer [Verse 2] And find me Off the coast of Italy I’m […]

A cautionary tale – Unlike ***** lyrics

Lyrics A cautionary tale – Unlike ***** A cautionary tale lyrics Throw away your yesterday A cautionary tale Where there’s nothing left to gain Tell me how’d your soul collapse? A haunted past Just excuses, I know that you are [Chorus] Violent chemistry Your toxic enemy Watching while I burn Hurting just because you like […]

Ricochet on my mind – Unlike ***** lyrics

Lyrics Ricochet on my mind – Unlike ***** Ricochet on my mind lyrics Bottle it up like it’s plastic Avoiding anything drastic Am I waiting on a moment too tragic? I’m waiting ’til it’s all alright Waiting but it’s never right [Pre-Chorus] Something louder than screaming Tension built, am I breathing? Versuri-lyrics.info Always holding my […]

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