unlike pluto

Comatose scenery – Unlike Pluto lyrics

Lyrics Comatose scenery – Unlike Pluto Comatose scenery lyrics Pay no mind There’s no reason, nothing to see Comatose scenery, a boring dream Take your time When you’re driving down this street Route ain’t got scenery, there’s nothing to see [Chorus] Pack up all my thoughts and I’ll just drive Let thoughts and my future […]

Have fun – Unlike Pluto lyrics

Lyrics Have fun – Unlike Pluto Have fun lyrics I’m done Telling people have fun Don’t believe what they say It’s all make-believe anyway [Verse 1] All the talking heads are Singing harmonies Overloading me, confusing Hollow-point opinions Slave to your convictions Domain over me, consuming [Pre-Chorus] It’s a crime The cold distorted world you […]

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