Umbrella lyrics

Umbrella – Brockhampton lyrics

Lyrics Umbrella – Brockhampton Umbrella lyrics Bring me, bring me, bring me Bring me, bring me my umbrella Angels fallen from the sky I know that I can have forever Keep my pockets sticky smelling like some Mozzarella Did you forget that I am the bitch? Cuz I will always remember [Chorus: Kevin Abstract] It’s […]

Umbrella – Teejayx6 lyrics

Lyrics Umbrella – Teejayx6 Umbrella – Teejayx6 lyrics Discounts – cupcakke lyrics Lyrics Discounts – cupcakke Discounts lyrics Yeah must not want me to act an ass Niggas want smoke I pass Pass the water – Lil DUrk lyrics Lyrics Pass the water – Lil DUrk Pass the water lyrics And I got my feet […]

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