Tyler The Creator

WUSYANAME – Tyler the Creator lyrics

Lyrics WUSYANAME – Tyler the Creator Wusyaname lyrics In California, you spend most of your life in cars Movin’, travelin’, searching for somewhere to land I don’t mind tip-toeing across the globe for thrills And flyin’ to Vienna to see a show at the Kunst museum Or headin’ south to race dolphins on jetskis But […]

Lumberjack – Tyler the Creator lyrics

Lyrics Lumberjack – Tyler the Creator Lumberjack lyrics Rolls-Royce pull up, Black boy hop out Shoutout to my mother and my father, didn’t pull out MSG sell out, fuck these niggas yap ’bout? Whips on whips, my ancestors got they backs out Two, four, five hundred stacks for the hood (I dare you, nigga) Call […]

Group B – Tyler The Creator lyrics

Lyrics Group B – Tyler The Creator Group B lyrics Ayo bucket hat like I’m Gilligan Hit Wallace I just ordered a Cullinan Milking the cow what are you niggas uttering? Churning the butter sensitive niggas crying Stepping in puddles in them new (Giannos nigga come on) The team I’m assembling you trembling We in […]

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