trust nobody lyrics

Trust nobody – Killy lyrics

Lyrics Trust nobody – Killy Trust nobody lyrics I can’t trust nobody (What?) Scared money don’t make money (What? What? Yeah) I can’t trust nobody (Hey, what?) Scared money don’t make money (What? What? Woo) [Verse] On road taking risks (Risks) One flight out the 6 Now I’m rocking that Rick You do not […]

Trust nobody – Hippie Sabotage lyrics

Lyrics Trust nobody – Hippie Sabotage Trust nobody lyrics I don’t trust nobody I don’t even trust my mind I am losing everybody They can never take the grind People always switching sides People always hit my line Never ask me how I am doing They just wanna waste my time So I don’t hate […]

Trust nobody – Cashmere Cat lyrics

Lyrics Cashmere Cat – Trust nobody I’ma tell you how I want it. Baby, tell me how you need it. Hope you’re good at keeping secrets. Say you’re good at keeping secrets. ‘Cause you know I don’t trust nobodyyy. I know you don’t trust nobodyyy. Said only I can touch your body. So baby you […]

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