trill sammy

Sprinter – Trill Sammy lyrics

Lyrics Sprinter – Trill Sammy Sprinter freestyle lyrics Bend her over on the sink When I two-tone my cuban link She callin’ me tryna’ link I’m stallin’, my time ain’t free First night, no problem Nigga trappin’ hard in Prada And my bitch, she bad, as hell just like a .. Boutta’ run wit’ ‘dem […]

Do not disturb – Trill Sammy lyrics

Lyrics Do not disturb – Trill Sammy Yeah, these bitches callin’ (brr), my phone on do not disturb (do not disturb) Yeah, too busy countin’ the cash, I know that you heard (I know that you heard, yeah) I fucked up in the past ’til I came out the dirt (yeah) Now I lucked up on […]

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