Toto – Noizy lyrics

Lyrics Raf Camora –¬†Toto – Noizy Weekend, Kena ardhe per me party Femnat sexy tu pi me Bacardi Gangsters, zinxhira prej ari Oborri mbush me Lambos Ferrari Slow, slow, slow, dance for me, darling Kom pare dance for me, darling Slow, slow, slow, wine for me, darling Kena pare wine for me, darling Mmm, duro […]

Spanish Sea – Toto lyrics

Lyrics Toto – Spanish sea Hold tight my love I’m stealin you away There you were across the room You were speaking without words You had so much to say. (Toto – Spanish sea) Feels good, feels right Let’s do this our own way Now it’s just the two of us We’ve got nothing to […]

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