tory lanez

Tuh – Tory Lanez lyrics

Lyrics Tuh – Tory Lanez Tuh lyrics Fuck all that talkin’, I’m back with that 7.62 and it’s spittin’ I got a bad lil’ bitch fuckin’ on anybody in the room, that’ll get her Givenchy Holdin’ the vibe at the condo, I don’t need nobody No entry from niggas that envy She set a threesome […]

Racks to the ceiling – Lil Pump lyrics

Lyrics Racks to the ceiling – Lil Pump Racks to the ceiling lyrics Watch how I blow through a million Dive in the pussy, esskeetit, All of my whips came tinted None of my cars ain’t rented, Balmain and Celine off a molly and a bean, This not Fruit of the Loom, my boxers, they […]

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