tom macdonald

Dummies – Tom MacDonald lyrics

Lyrics Dummies – Tom MacDonald Dummies lyrics I love the Earth, but I don’t really wanna save it (What?) Everything is sexist, homophobic or it’s racist When life gives us lemons, we’re supposed to wanna change it But my generation rather take some pills and escape it (Pew) Say that I’m transphobic if you wanna, […]

Brainwashed – Tom Macdonald lyrics

Lyrics Brainwashed – Tom Macdonald Brainwashed lyrics Half the country fell asleep, but they scream “woke” We’re distracted by vaccines and TV shows Politics, celebrity, gossip, popular neat quotes Black lives, white lives, which lives mean most? We only dedicate one day to remember our fallen soldiers The men and women who died young But […]

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