tokio hotel

Chateau – Tokio Hotel lyrics

Lyrics Chateau – Tokio Hotel Chateau lyrics so we met on weekend glad that you came by at chateau we re making no sense but we feel alive in the room getting undressed just to make you smile a little dance a little romance running out of time i know they gonna talk i know […]

Melancholic paradise – Tokio Hotel lyrics

Lyrics┬áMelancholic paradise – Tokio Hotel Melancholic paradise lyrics Watching the sunrise Only blue skies My heart’s pumping to the beat But you and I, we know That soon the night will show A gloomy light that’s underneath Our souls they need Peace and harmony But in the moonlight we get lost When things get kind […]

Boy don t cry – Tokio Hotel lyrics

Lyrics Tokio Hotel – Boy don t cry Some big black clouds in my town and I can’t see out of my window I’m all f*cked up in the moment Spacing out into the zone. (Tokio Hotel – Boy don t cry) I fly alone I get lost tonight I’m calling for a commander Command […]

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