Bouncin – Tinashe lyrics

Lyrics Bouncin – Tinashe Bouncin lyrics Watch it bouncin’ on the ground Got my edges sweatin’ out Turn it up extra loud (Uh, oh-oh) Yeah, tonight we steppin’ out Been a minute since I found Someone who could hold it down (Uh, oh-oh) What you really talkin’ ’bout? I been sendin’ dirty pics Hope they […]

Pasadena – Tinashe lyrics

Lyrics Pasadena – Tinashe Pasadena lyrics Feelin’ right, feelin’ right, feelin’ right Livin’ life, it’s the life Feelin’ free, feelin’ free, feelin’ right It’s a vibe, feelin’ right [Verse 1: Tinashe] The summer’s comin’ ’round the corner And now I’m feelin’ like I don’t even know ya I’m never leavin’ California Now more than ever […]

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