the lumineers

Nightshade – The Lumineers lyrics

Lyrics Nightshade – The Lumineers Nightshade lyrics [Verse 1] Some of us like to think of life as a game Others are born into royalty and can never behave Some find a freedom like a man in a cage, oh no Some priest insisted it’s a test of the faith And only holy devotion can […]

Gloria – The Lumineers lyrics

Lyrics Gloria – The Lumineers Gloria lyrics [Verse 1] Gloria, I smell it on your breath Gloria, booze and peppermint Gloria, no one said enough is enough Gloria, they found you on the floor Gloria, my hand was tied to yours And, Gloria, did you finally see that enough is enough? [Chorus] Did you know […]

Pretty paper – The Lumineers lyrics

Lyrics Pretty paper – The Lumineers Pretty paper lyrics Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue Wrap your presents to your darling from you Pretty pencils to write “I love you” Pretty paaaper, pretty ribbons of blue Crowded street, busy feet hustle by him Downtown shoppers, Christmas is nigh There he sits all alone on the sidewalk […]

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