the chainsmokers

See the way – The Chainsmokers lyrics

Lyrics See the way – The Chainsmokers See the way lyrics I go from “Okay I’m okay” to “I’m not okay” in .2 I go from cool in my new place to packin’ my suitcase like you I said it over and over that I wouldn’t do this Go find someone new and just fuck my way through this […]

The reaper – The Chainsmokers lyrics

Lyrics The reaper – The Chainsmokers The reaper lyrics Pretty face with 2 sides So what’s it gonna be tonight? Dark days I am terrified I know that something isn’t right You take what you want Then you leave when you’re done Pretty face with two sides So what’s it gonna be tonight? [Chorus: Amy Shark] I’m […]

Family – The Chainsmokers lyrics

Lyrics Family – The Chainsmokers Family lyrics I know water that’s thicker than blood That’s deeper than love with my friends People come and some people go And some people ride ’til the end [Pre-Chorus] When I am blind in my mind I swear they’d be my rescue my lifeline I don’t know what I’d do if I if […]

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