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Mona Lisa – Terror Jr lyrics

Lyrics Mona Lisa – Terror Jr Mona Lisa lyrics You call me Mooona Lisa I’ll never be that Lisa You’re looking for a classic I’m something new and tragic I’ll never be DaVinci Fuck that I’m more Lewinski Fuck safety only risky Not dreaming if you’ll miss me [Pre-Chorus:] Don’t hang me if you see […]

Terrified – Terror Jr lyrics

Lyrics Terrified – Terror Jr Terrified lyrics I don’t mind being alone I’m a giant inside of these walls No, I never met one worth the fall So I’m not fucking with any at all ‘Cause on the outside, I’m smiling like I’ve never been stung But on the inside, I’m screaming at the top of […]

Heaven wasn t made for me – Terror Jr lyrics

Lyrics Heaven wasn t made for me – Terror Jr You’re a showman and a con man And a diva and a diamond paid in blood You’re a liar but they buying it I need two more suppliers for my drugs (I’m going crazy) (Terror Jr – Heaven wasn t made for me) Feels like the […]

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