The anonymous ones – SZA lyrics

Lyrics The anonymous ones – SZA The anonymous ones lyrics Ever look at all the people Seem to know exactly how to be (How to be, how to be now, how to be) You think they don’t need piles of prescriptions To function naturally (Functioning natural) Take a look and you might just catch it […]

Nightbird – SZA lyrics

Lyrics Nightbird – SZA Nightbird lyrics Stay the night Even if it’s not for real Stay the night Only got you for a short time Going through a hard time Hoping you could carry my demons part time Asking too much past the basics Too much, just stay Could it be we’re just not right for each other? You say, […]

Shirt – SZA lyrics

Lyrics Shirt – SZA Shirt lyrics Getting tough right now Feeling lost better like it Comfort in my sense Only tough right now Feel a bit of resentment Somewhere in my skin That’s all of my That stain on my shirt You bitch on my nerve No nigga got cut Going back on my word […]

Relentless – SZA lyrics

Lyrics Relentless – SZA Relentless lyrics Patience and no virtue with you And I wasted plenty time pissing around And It’s cool Leaving bitches on the side .. mama them too You relentless nigga I don’t need .. What’s poppin remix – Joyner Lucas lyrics Lyrics What’s poppin remix – Joyner Lucas What’s poppin remix lyrics What’s gucci? (Joyner) […]

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