Survive – Emplus lyrics

Lyrics Survive – Emplus Survive lyrics When everything seems right but never right The truth hurt but lies will cut like knife Everyday and night many sacrifice We just dey pray to see daylight When everything is nice dem never like When the thing black dem ago tell you white This is where we are […]

Survive – Don Diablo feat. Emeli Sande lyrics

Lyrics Survive – Don Diablo Survive lyrics We survived the thunder And escaped the hunger And sometimes I wonder, how we got through Who knows what they’ll ask us We don’t need no answers ‘Cause we stand to serve as living proof Gucci Mane and Don, catch me ballin’ out in London Tom Brady with […]

Survive – Saint Wknd feat. Max lyrics

Lyrics Saint Wknd – Survive I get so f*cked up on manipulation, yeah frustration You get off leaving me alone Completely ignore your emasculation, brains been vacant My heart’s been filled with your patron.(survive) And I don’t know how I had excuses Thought your juice was keeping me alive No baby, yeahhh. Now I […]

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