Summertime – Jack Maynard lyrics

Lyrics Summertime – Jack Maynard Summertime lyrics Let’s take a day-cation No sun so Imma get a spray tan Got the pool out this my favourite nation Put my shades on Can’t see anything Nope nothing So let’s the rain pour This ain’t nothing we’ve been here before Imma take my shirt off Throw it […]

Summertime – Warm Brew lyrics

Lyrics Summertime – Warm Brew Summertime lyrics It’s  feelin’ like summertime Gon’  hold you tight Know how you like it baby Feelin’ like movie night Them  city lights Gon’  make your curves look crazy Yeah I’m  thinkin’ we should cop some drinks And hit the beach Or somethin’ Maybe we meet up with the homies […]

Summertime – Yellow Claw feat. San Holo lyrics

Lyrics San Holo – Summertime – Yellow Claw I don’t know why, but this feels like summertime Out late at night, with you standing by my side Maybe it’s the lights, or the walk just in our mids I don’t know why, but this feels like summertime. When I catch you alone, just you and me […]

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