Strangers – Ellen Sara lyrics

Lyrics Strangers – Ellen Sara Strangers lyrics Baby I called you last night when you left me But you just ignored you just let it ring I thought I meant more to you than that Never thought I’d see the day when you hated me What hurts the most is I still love you see […]

Strangers – Ralle songtexte

Songtexte Strangers – Ralle Strangers lyrics I said that we needed some changes Didn t know we would go from best friends to straaangers I said that we needed some changes Didn t know we would go from best friends to straaangers Ich dacht es wird ein Abschied auf Zeit Doch nun zeigt sich dass es so an sich […]

Strangers – Daniel Blume lyrics

Lyrics Strangers – Daniel Blume Don’t wanna wake up in this bed we used to share See the shirt you’ll never wear anymore I kept your makeup but I know that you won’t care That our future isn’t there anymore. (Daniel Blume – Strangers) Not friends not enemies Just strangers with some memories Late nights at […]

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