strangers lyrics

Strangers – Bring Me The Horizon lyrics

Lyrics Strangers – Bring Me The Horizon Strangers lyrics Maybe I’ll just be fucked up forever Should have figured myself out by now And I don’t want to tear myself open, no But it’s hard to care when you bleed out [Pre-Chorus] So won’t you break me down, break me down Make me get better […]

Strangers – Daniel Blume lyrics

Lyrics Strangers – Daniel Blume Don’t wanna wake up in this bed we used to share See the shirt you’ll never wear anymore I kept your makeup but I know that you won’t care That our future isn’t there anymore. (Daniel Blume – Strangers) Not friends not enemies Just strangers with some memories Late nights at […]

Strangers – Halsey lyrics

Lyrics Halsey – Strangers She doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore ‘Cause it’s more intimate, than she thinks we should get She doesn’t look me in the eyes anymore Too scared of what she’ll see, somebody holding me.(strangers) When I wake up all alone And I’m thinking of your skin I remember, I remember […]

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